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First Night in Junior 1 Class for Cody Freeman

First Night in Junior 1 Class for Cody Freeman

Cody had a great night in his first Jr 1 race. He finished second but everybody in the Grandstands and at the track got their monies worth watch him and TJ Terry go at it. It was wheel to wheel and bumper to bumper for most of the race. Those boys drove with all their heart and put on one heck of a show. There are grown adults that would never believe those were two young men out there. Thanks to Ryan Kulak for the help tonight. Also thanks to Chase Lambright of Blackjack Tire Solution for your help as well. We would also like to thank Casedhole Solutions and Zaps Custom Design for all your help and our loved ones, family, and friends that support us. Again Great job tonight Cody and as your Dad tonight was one proud moment for me to see you out there.