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Passing Karts - Cody Freeman!

Passing Karts - Cody Freeman!

Well where do I start after last night. Cody come out in Heat 1 and started at the back of the pack. Over the heat he worked his way up picking off the other karts one at a time until he got into 2nd. Then he patiently ran until he had an opportunity to stick his nose in under the leader to take the lead and get the win. He started on the Pole for heat number 2 and stayed there getting the win in heat 2 as well. We made some minor chassis repair due to the feature being 20 laps but left everything else alone since he had been up front twice now. I was second guessing my thoughts on the way to the grind but starting on the pole I know if he drove his line we would be fast. He was fast too. Not only was he fast but the #30 of TJ Terry and the #11 of Carson Horn was very fast as well. They had ran 1,2,3 all night long and this made for an exciting feature. The kids drove patiently and were separated from the rest of the field. In the last 5 laps of the race almost every corner they were jockeying back and forth. You could hear the cheering in the air as they slide up and down the track putting on blocks and passes but when it was all said and done with Cody got the pass with 3 to go and held onto the lead, Carson slide up the track coming out of turn 4 which let TJ get back under him. These 3 karts were nose to tail the whole race with never more than a few inches between them most of the time.

I thank all of our supporters, and Sponsors. I highly encourage everyone who has a Saturday night and want to see some excitement come watch these boys put on a show. You will not believe these are just kids until after the race and fierce competition when you see them drinking cokes, riding bicycles and being the best of friends when the helmets come off. I am proud of all of the kids last night. Job well done all of you.

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