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Very Special Thank You from the Family

Very Special Thank You from the Family

We would like to take this time to thank everyone that made this opportunity possible. Josh Holt of Driver Websites has created an awesome page to help us promote not only Cody, but our supporters and Sponsors as well. We are happy to have Casedhole Solutions and Driver Websites on our kart and trailer while traveling to the race track as well as at the track. Cody is forever grateful to you all.

As well please go to our favorite links section and review it. This is our way of saying Thank You as well to those who have helped us over the past year. It is good people like these that have helped Cody reach the front of the pack over the course of the year. While he fully understands he will not win them all it is the fine folks who have helped us that keep it fun. At the end of every race, while we all want to win,it is more important to have fun doing something you love.

We are in need of further support and if you would like to have you company represented by Cody Freeman please click on the Marketing Opportunity link. Cody strives to provide the best representation on and off the track using positive promotion of your products. He takes extreme pride in each and every contribution made by people to help him fulfill his dream of one day reaching the World of Outlaw's.

Cody would also like to thank DynoDon Gordner and his son Brent for the time he spent with Nick and the invaluable information he shared. Nick spent 3 days visiting with DynoDon and even went to the track to get even more hands on experience. It is people like this who are willing to donate their time and provide education to help a stranger that make this sport so rewarding. These people can be found on Bob's 4 Cycle, in our favorite links section, for they are such wonderful promoters of the sport. Not once have I ever reached out to the great people of Bob's and been rejected, criticized, or be littled no matter how dumb the question was. It is with a full heart I want to say thank you all very much. We hope to continue many years in the sport as not only a driver, or a team, but as a true ambassador of Kart racing and hope to meet the standards of those who eat, sleep, and breath kart racing. Again thank you and please support not only Casedhole Solutions and Driver Websites but the many good people, way to many to list, involved with kart racing be it on Dirt or on Asphalt!!!! Thank You All!!!!

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