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Returning to the Front

Returning to the Front

Cody traveled to Blew By You Raceway in Castor, LA for the first time. Running his back up body work and set up on his kart still, he adapted quickly to the new racing surface and finished on top of Heat 1 with a win. Heat 2 he started in the rear of the field and had to drive through and was battling for the lead with 1 lap remaining but fell short by a kart length resulting in a second place finish. He was secured the pole position for the Feature race. The pace vehicle, which was a new experience for him as well, pulled off and Cody was quickly on the gas getting the jump he needed to pull the lead into turn number one. He never looked back after that leading every lap of the feature. This was a much needed win and an added bust of confidence coming off of his accident 2 weeks prior. He was the dominant driver doing his best to hit his marks lap after lap resulting in dominant performance and a victory. Cody would like to thank Driver Websites and Casedhole Solutions for the support along with the many friends and family members involved. He is still on track and continuing to improve week after week to ensure he is at peak level for the Indoor Kart Nationals in November.

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