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Winning With Heart

Winning With Heart

The day started with a fund raising car wash when Cody Freeman decided to make a return to Castor, Louisiana to race at Blew By You Speedway. He was excited to return to the track and follow on his current success from his win there 2 weeks prior. He had his friends TJ Terry from Tyler, Texas and Colby Horn from Longview, TX there racing as well. Between the 3 of them being on the track together we knew it would be a great night of racing. TJ and Cody have had a history already this year of putting on some amazing races battling it out at Cactus Speedway on multiple occasions earlier in the year. The boys were split in the heats, due to the track deciding to split the field for the heat races, and would not face each other until the feature. Cody won both of his heat races in dominant fashion however time wise he was really close to the other 2 East Texas drivers. The boys witnessed an accident prior to the second heat which took the life of a racer. All three of them were upset and bothered by it in their own way. To show their support for the drivers family and to the racer all 3 boys placed a name tag on their kart that simply said "Mr. Charlie" and dedicated the rest of their night to him. None of us knew Mr. Charlie but his reputation at the track was one of character and heart and we just wanted to show our support and respect to him and his family in the only way we knew how. TJ, Colby, and Cody did just that by running one of the best Jr1 events I had ever seen. Cody started on Pole with Colby Horn behind him and TJ in the 3rd row. Cody ended up winning while TJ and Colby battled hard as they were slicing and dicing through lap traffic. Colby finished in Second and TJ in third. Thank you to MPM, Casedhole Solutions, and for your support helping us in every step of the way with Cody's progression towards the top along with all the friends and family. We ask you to please keep Mr. Charlie's family and friends in your prayers and help them through this difficult time as well!

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