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Driving on the Edge

Driving on the Edge

Finally got to race last night at I-20 Speedway after mother nature rained out last weekend’s race. We finished building Cody's backup motor late Friday night and everything seemed to be good with it until we showed up at the track. Started his engine and after a few seconds at idle it sheered the timing key damaging his fly wheel. Fortunately we had another flywheel except it was just at the house. After running home and getting back to the track and making the necessary repairs Cody was able to get about 5 practice laps in. We still went out in Heat 1 and had a DNF. The second heat was better for us with Cody finishing 6th out of only 9 karts. We made some changes to the kart and started 7th in the feature. Cody went out and drove extremely well. He made several clean passes throughout the race and worked his way into 3rd twice but got stuck high going into turn 1 and 2 causing him to get loose and dropping back into 5th position. On the last lap going into turn 3&4 he was passing for 3rd again and with the same results he got loose up high while staying in the gas hoping to get it hooked up but ended up in 5th for the night. He has been known to drive it in on the edge all year and he was just trying to make it work. We would like to thank MPM, Casedhole Solutions, and for your support along with all our friends and families.