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Going Indoors

Going Indoors

The 02 MPM, Casedhole Solutions, Driver Websites backed kart raced by Cody Freeman made its debut at the Starkville Shootout. This was the first indoor event Cody Freeman and crew had ever been too. They improved their lap times by 2.5 seconds in practices. Cody was consistently hitting his marks and getting more and more comfortable. He ended up qualifying in the 4th position with only .127 second separating him from second. The crew made a few adjustments prior to the feature to free the kart up a little and made a gearing change as well. Unfortunately for Cody the crew’s decision on the gearing change was a bad decision. Cody was able to help correct the problem slightly by driving the kart deeper into the corners and accelerating out of them quicker which midway in the race resulted him hitting the wall. He was able to finish the race and salvaged finishing in 5th place and 1 lap down. He gave it his best effort and is looking forward to the next indoor event the Thursday and Friday following Thanksgiving. Thank you to MPM, Casedhole Solution, Driver Websites, and all the family that travelled with him and supported him in Mississippi.