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Cody would like to extend a special thank you to the people who supported him in the 2012 racing season. Casedhole Solutions, MPM, Driver Websites, and G Kart Graffix were all influential in his success this season. Without all of your support it would have been extremely difficult to have had the success which we did this year. Considering it was his rookie season we are extremely thankful you all joined our team and supported Cody. As well he would like to thank his mom who has been there every weekend that he has raced. She has provided support at home as well as around the track. She has seen a lot in her first year around racing but she still encourages him and provides that motherly support whenever it is needed. She was a great value to him and the team as well, while never being scared to get in the pits and get her hands dirty when needed. Then there is little brother Rustin. Anyone that has been around him knows you can never be mad too long. He keeps Cody grounded and provides him with comic relief when need. Sometimes it is just nice to have little brother there to fight with also, to help take your mind off of the race when things are not going well. Finally there are the Grandparents, Uncles, Aunt and friends who have been at the track throughout the year when able. You have all provided support and encouragement in your own way, rather it is keeping time and watching track conditions or just providing a hug when Cody’s head was hanging low, we thank you! You have encouraged the whole team of Freeman Kart Racing on numerous occasions, and we look forward growing into FKR Motorsports with you all. Cody looks forward to continuing in the 2013 season with new equipment, a new team around him, and all the continuing support. Thank you all and to all of our racing friends whose season is not over yet we wish you the best of luck and it has been a great pleasure racing with you all. You have all became great friends and you have all provided support to us when needed and if there is anything we can do to help let us know. Until 2013 may each and every one of you have a great holiday season and keep an eye out for us next year as we look to charge forward!

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