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Driving for Experience

Driving for Experience

Well Cody’s first time racing at Golden Triangle Raceway Park was a good experience. The crew for Cody had made some significant suspension changes before the event but thanks to some help was able to come out of the gates in pretty good shape. In the first heat you could see where Cody was definitely not used to the roll in the car now as he moved up the track in order to get more grip not realizing it was just the roll he was feeling. After a few adjustments Cody saw his self lining up in the 7th position for the Feature. He received what many would consider valuable seat time. He did not have the car to win or even to really be in the top 3 but he drove smoother and smoother throughout the race. He tried a few different lines in attempt to get around the car in front of him but was unsuccessful at the end of the night. Like one fellow racer mentioned last night “Sometimes you have a 10th place car and you finish 10th and call it a good night, if you finish 12th it’s a bad night, and if you finish 8th it’s a great night.” Well Cody had a 7th place car and we left the track in one piece and now headed to our second show of the weekend tonight at Battleground Speedway in Highlands, TX so we are calling it a good night. Thanks to C&J Energy Services, Casedhole Solutions, MPM, Team 91 Motorsports and Driver Websites for the support along with all of our family, friends, and fans.

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