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End of a Long Weekend

End of a Long Weekend

Night 2 of Cody Freeman’s weekend was not the best that we could have hoped for. Again for the second night in a row Cody finished in the 7th position. The track conditions were some of the most challenging track conditions that Cody and the crew had ever seen. It started off extremely dry in turns 1 and 2 but had moisture from the middle of 3 and 4 to the exit of 4. The crew decided to make a change to the car before the heat race to combat this situation and I can assure you the wrong decision it was. Cody started in 4th for the heat race and upon the green flag falling you could tell that there was an extreme amount of wheel spin. Within about 3 laps coming out of turn 2 Cody spun the car out even though we was working to save it, bringing out the caution resulting in him going to the rear of the field. Upon the restart Cody made it 2 laps before going into the driest part of the track in 1 and 2 when the car snap whipped in a circle as he got back on the throttle bringing out the second caution which sent him to the pits. The team made adjustments to help him and as they were making the adjustments for the dry track, the track officials were out watering the track. The crew decided to leave the corrections they made in the car and in the end this was not the best decision. Cody was ok on one end of the track and had a severe push on the other end where he would have brake an extreme amount before the car would turn. Overall the team and Cody are thankful for a fun weekend of racing and while we would have loved to finish in better positions the past 2 nights the car and crew made it home in one piece and are looking forward to our next double header weekend next Saturday and Sunday at Gulf Coast Speedway near Alvin, TX. The team is going to keep working hard figuring out the new suspension that is in the car and how to better adjust it but overall we are still pleased with our current progress in our rookie year. As always a special thank you goes out to the ones that make this possible; C&J Energy Services, Casedhole Solutions, MPM, Team 91 Motorsports, Driver Websites and also please join Cody in supporting Neal McCoy’s East Texas Angel Network.

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