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Cody Freeman

Cody Freeman

  • Driver
  • Since: 2012

Cody is a young up and comer in the racing world. He raced dirt oval go karts in 2012 recording his first victory in just his 3rd career race. He has big dreams and ambitions with his racing career and hopes to one day race for the World of Outlaws but knows that with big dreams comes hard work and determination. He is a leave it all on the track kind of driver giving it 110% every lap regardless of where he finishes on the night.

Nick Freeman

Nick Freeman

  • Crew Cheif/Dad

He is a Dad first and foremost teaching his kids all the skills of sportsmanship, team work, engine building and set ups. He consults with Cody before every change and explains to Cody what affects each change will have leaving the final decision to the driver. So far his tactics have been proven as a success with numerous top 3 finishes and the 2015 Texas Open Wheel Racing Series- Restrictor Points Championship.

Rustin Freeman

Rustin Freeman

  • Lead Supporter/Track Entertainment

Hometown: Longview, TX
Hero: Ricky Carmichael

Rustin is the future of Freeman Kart Racing. While he is still waiting to make his debut for the team you can see him at the track on his bike racing around. He yells for Cody at ever race and when the green flag drop he booms out his catch line phrase of “Hit the Gas!” He was voted class clown and that demeanor is what keeps the team relaxed and laughing on even the toughest of nights.

Wesley "PawPaw" Freeman

Wesley "PawPaw" Freeman

  • Whatever He Wants!

Wesley is the creator of what has become Freeman Kart Racing. He started in his garage with an old yard kart and created a winning team in a very short time. He owned and operated Karts Parts Warehouse and produced several high quality wins competing against some of the best teams in the South in the 90’s and early 2000’s. He left the sport when his kids got out of it; however having his Grandson Cody back in it has awoken the beast. He is always a phone call away when ever needed to provide any help which the team may need. He cannot always be at every event due to protecting the community which we live in as a Fire Fighter and Law Enforcement officer but Cody always knows he can call anytime.

Phil "Philpop"  Triplett

Phil "Philpop" Triplett

  • Time Keeper and Race Analysis

Phil has been a great help keeping up with lap times and giving his truthful eagle eye observation of every race. He has been all across the country watching racers for many years. He knows what lines are working and what lines aren’t and provides invaluable feedback from watching every lap of every race. He keeps Nick and Cody informed of what the track is doing to help them better prepare the karts set up for the next race night after night and coaches Cody and points things out to him on the track conditions. He is a proud Grandfather that is having a wonderful time watching Cody come into his own.

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