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Fighting Until The End

Fighting Until The End

It was just 6 months and 10 races ago Cody entered into the world of kart racing. You could tell it was in his families blood last night. He stayed calm and kept his cool all night long. He started in the back of the pack in heat 1, had a great start and finished it with a win. He finished heat 2 in second and that is what we needed to start on the front row for the feature. The feature was the closes race I have seen ran in a long time. I couldn't even tell who got the win from my angle. The 2 boys didnt even know who had the win until they waived Cody around. I still do not know how he won other than pure determination and grit considering his LR tire was completely flat and the valve stem was broken out of it. It was one heck of a show. Thank you to Casedhole Solutions, Zaps Custom Design and our newest sponsor who we are so happy to have on bored Driver Websites. While they help us it is the support of our friends, new and old, and family that make this all possible.

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