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When 4th is a Great Finish

When 4th is a Great Finish

Cody experienced his first flip in a kart. As he was exiting turn 2 the kart violently turned right shooting him up the track nearly head on into the tires causing the kart to flip in air landing on its nose before falling back on top of him. He laid under the kart until it was removed off the top of him and he laid in the track. He was awake and talking to the EMT and his Dad explaining where he was hurt. After determining that his head, neck and back region were ok his helmet was removed and his complaint of his legs were checked. After a little bit he stood up under his own power. As he was exiting the track he was asked if he needed to go to the hospital to be evaluated and he turned to his Dad and with a true racers heart he responded by saying "It isn't a race until the feature is ran." Work started right away to repair the kart and piece it together for the feature event. He started in the rear and with true heart and determination ran a 30 lap feature. While a 4th place finish out of 6 could be called a rough night it was a great success for Cody. He worked his way up into the top 3 at one moment in the race but it was his heart and his warrior style driving style that impressed a lot of people at the track. Again another example of him giving it 110% on a night when the odds were stacked against him. Thank you to Driver Websites and Casedhole Solutions for the support and all the friends and family that helped at the track and checked on Cody afterwards. I was told it isn't true dirt racing until your held together by duct tape and duct tape is what held us together until the checkers!

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