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Rebuilding Process

Rebuilding Process

The Jr.1 class at I-20 put on another great show. Cody had to race his back up body on his kart since his accident the previous week wiped out his usual body. He also raced a new engine package which he had never raced or tested this year as well. Many hours were spent also rebuilding his kart from the ground up in a very short amount of time. The team and Cody started working on the kart Friday night when all the replacement parts and equipment had all arrived. We actually spent so much time on the scales that at one point Cody fell asleep in the seat. We finished up in time and made it to the track still a little shaky knowing that our noses weight was heavy but Cody wanted back in the seat. He came out in the practices and we knew we had missed the gearing and the kart was a little loose. Cody raced from 6th position in heat 1 to finish in 4th. He still complained about the kart handling a little poorly so after a few minor adjustments it was time to race heat 2. Cody started on the pole but with a tight schedule and not being able to make gearing adjustments Cody gave up the inside during the green flag to allow for the faster karts to take him on the inside and to stay out of trouble. He settled into 4th and rode there the whole race. Intermission finally allowed for the changes which we needed to make. Cody started the feature in 4th place and had a noticeable change in acceleration and corner speed. However his dad missed the gearing set up slightly again. Considering it was an altogether new package Cody performed well and you could tell slightly that his accident from the previous week was still fresh on his mind. Thank you to Casedhole Solutions and Driver Websites for the support. A special thanks to Casedhole Solutions who extended their contributions and support throughout Nationals in November and starting Cody off right for the 2013 season as well. Cody is slated to take the track again on August the 18th however he might make an appearance somewhere before then.

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